Regional Consultations/Sensitizations on Youth Connekt Gambia

Following the successful launch of Youth Connekt Gambia in October 2018, The Gambia National Youth Council with funding from United National Development Programme (UNDP) The Gambia through the Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development Project under the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) has embarked on a rigorous regional sensitization and consultation on Youth Connekt Gambia.

The regional sensitizations and consultations are aimed at informing the relevant stakeholders on what Youth Connekt is all about, how the initiative started and what it intends to achieve in The Gambia. This is part of the efforts to inspire local ownership and action as well as to galvanize support for Youth Connekt activities to be implemented across the country.

In the Gambia, Youth Connekt has a goal of creating 100, 000 jobs by 2021 in sustainable job environments in emerging industries. This is aligned to the NDP goal of reducing youth unemployment from 38% to 25%; create 250, 000 opportunities through Relevant Education, training & enrolment in workplaces; identify, nurture & grow 10,000 leaders that provide solutions, participate in advocacy & become role models in their communities; develop sustainable initiatives & policies that reduce gender inequality in education, jobs, technology & leadership; and nurture 150 digital ambassadors in each region to collectively help connect & digitally empower 15,000 Gambians allowing skills to be transferred to their local communities.

Activity Report Youth Connekt Regional Sensitization and Consultation