Training of Young Leaders on Social Media, Micro Blogging and Storytelling

The Gambia National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung Senegal (KAS) organised a two-day training workshop for young leaders (multiplicators) on social media, micro blogging and storytelling. The training brought together twenty-five (25) participants mainly active and influential social media users from Government Ministries, Office of the President, regional youth committees, political parties and civil society organizations. The objective of the training is to:

  • Introduce participants to social media usage, micro blogging and storytelling
  • Inculcate responsible use of social media to promote citizen’s participation, engagement to advance and consolidate the democratization drive of New Gambia.

This is the second activity jointly organised by NYC and KAS aimed at enhancing the capacity of young leaders to be the change they want to see, participate and promote New Gambia.

NYC-KAS Social Media training report