National Workshop on the Politics of Migration in The Gambia: Role of the Diaspora

The Gambia National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Senegal (KAS) organised a two-day national workshop on the politics of migration in The Gambia: role of the diaspora. It brought together fifty (50) stakeholders from all over the country to discuss, engage the actors in migration management, the returnees, young politicians, the media as well as civil society organisations to share their experience and evaluate how the diaspora influences the narratives of migration, especially in regard to remittances in The Gambia.

The objective of the Workshop was to:

  • Bring actors in migration management together to interact and share experience
  • Evaluate the extent of diaspora influence on migration
  • Measure how the remittances is contributing to influencing irregular youth migration in The Gambia

This is among series of activities jointly organised by NYC and KAS to contribute to reducing irregular migration and enhance the role and contribution of the Gambian diaspora to sustainability integrate retuning migration back into Gambian society.

Activity Report – GNYC-KAS Workshop on the Politics of Migration in The Gambia