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The Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce

Initiated by National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI), The Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC) is the umbrella body and voice of youth entrepreneurs in the Gambia. It is committed to advocate for the creation of an enabling environment that facilitates an organized, vibrant, robust, functional and sustainable youth sector business administration.

Focus Area: Capacity Building, Fundraising, Organize conferences/exhibitions, Mentoring and Coaching, Agro-business Training, Publicity and online marketing, Promotion of Eco-Tourism, Facilitate partnership and networking and creation of Employment opportunities for youth


Existing opportunities for youth at GYCC:

  • Entrepreneurship trainings

  • Training on business plan writing, business management and development skills

  • Business Mentorship and Coaching

  • Online advertisement of products/services

  • Networking and partnership

  • Support for Registration services and access to startup capital

Name of Contact Person: Baboucarr Kebbeh, Chief Executive Officer