Gambia Youth IGF 2018


Youth as a majority of Internet user group, their voices are however less heard in the discourse related to Internet Governance. With a dedication to raise the awareness of Youth on Internet Governance and encourage the young generation to participate in the policy discussion, the Gambia National Youth Council is initiating the Youth Café on Internet Governance Forum (YCIGF) as a pre-event to the 2018 Gambia National IGF.

The initiative is inspired by the Youth IGF movement and will take the informal approach to bring the voices of Gambian youth at the NRIs and Global IGF tables. Based on the mandate of IGF to bring various groups together as equal stakeholders, YCIGF will provide an open platform for young generation to express , interchange their ideas and own thoughts on Internet Governance freely. YCIGF will be a one-day event in which participants will be drawn from the seven administrative regions of the Gambia and given a space and voices as Youth interest stakeholder group to contribute to Gambia National IGF discussion. During the cafe, participants will be encouraged to think from a new standpoint and different perspectives. This hope to serve as a preparatory session for them to understand various structures, roles as well as of mandates of key players in the Internet policy discussions.

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