NYC Consultancy Study of Public Policies and Programmes on Youth Employment

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Request for Technical and Financial Proposals for NYC Study of Public Policies and Programme on Youth Employment.
The Gambia National Youth Council with support of the UNDP The Gambia through the Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development Project (EPSDP), is to conduct a study of ‘’Public Policies and Programmes on Youth Employment (Impact, Challenges, and Opportunities)’’.

The main purpose of this study is to assess the impact, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, challenges and opportunities of various public policies and programmes related to youth employment in the Gambia. It is expected that, the study will avail the NYC the opportunity to analyse sector specifics policies and programmes and how these policies and programmes have contributed to supporting the Government and its development partners’ efforts to creating a decent employment for all young people in the country. The findings will help the council to fulfil its mandate to advocate/advise Government on youth matters and support multi-sectoral coordination and evidence-based programming on national youth employment at different levels.

 The Council is pleased to invite qualified Gambians to submit a technical and financial proposal for the assignment. Download the Terms of Reference – Lead Consultant NYC Study of Public Policies and Programmes on Youth Employment for further information.
Application deadline is Tuesday, May 26th 2020 closure of business.

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