Eco-Friends Gambia

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“Eco-Friends Gambia (EFG) is an environmental volunteering NGO that is headquartered in Som, Lower River Region.

• Combating environmental degradation through awareness and action at the local level.
• Motivating, inspiring and raising the level of environmental action and awareness at all levels of society.

• Life in the sea, on the land is well preserved.
• Diversity, abundance and integrity of life in coastal area and on land is maintained through science base advocacy.

• To promote sustainable development goals (SDGs) 13 (climate action) ,14 (life below water) and 15 (live on land) at the local level.
• To sensitize and educate the communities on environmental sustainability.
• To contribute to the national adaptation plan (NAP) and eco-system restoration at the local level.

Date of Establishment: 1.06.2020

Physical Address: Soma Mini Stadium, TransgambIa Highway, Soma, LRR.

Facebook Page: Eco- Friends Gambia

Twitter: Eco- Friends Gambia

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