Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce

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The Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC), is the Umbrella body and Voice of Young Entrepreneurs in The Gambia. It’s a youth-led Trade Support Organisation established to support MSMEs to connect with business environment and provide market opportunities to boost potential and improve earning.Part of its mandate is to advocate for the creation of the enabling environment that facilitates an organized, vibrant, robust, functional, sustainable Youth Friendly Trade policies for our members and other young entrepreneurs

GYCC is run through a three structural pillar:
ï‚— National Executive Board
ï‚— Management
ï‚— Regional Chapters

We provide the following services to our members and other entrepreneurs; Entrepreneurship Capacity Building Training, Business Coaching for start ups, Market linkages and support to Access finance. Currently has a membership of about 300 businesses across the country

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Date of Establishment: 26.11.2016

Physical Address: 103 Kombo Sillah Drive, Churchill's Town

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @gyccgambia

Website Address: