Hopes of Tomorrow

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Background: “Hopes Of Tomorrow (HOT)
Hopes of Tomorrow (HOT) is a youth movement, and Our mission is to build a non-violent grassroots movement inside The Gambia that advocates for a vibrant, sustainable and participatory democracy with a targeted focus on the youth population. Our special interest is to empower and educate the youthful population in The Gambia in the area of civic education, citizen participation, voter education, and election information and pillars of a true democracy. To maximize the effects of our work, we conducted a series of community out-reach efforts to empower youth countrywide and sensitize them on issues that most affect their lives. We partnered with preexisting youth networks and collaborated with civil society organizations, in and outside the country, to sensitize the sizable youth population to contribute meaningfully to all national development initiatives.”

Date of Establishment: 16.06.2020

Physical Address: Banjul, Lassowarf

Facebook Page: Hopes Of Tomorrow


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