Jaiteh’s Fishing

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Jaiteh’s fishing sells different varieties of fresh and shrimps within Farafenni and beyond and recently engaged in fish farming. The Proprietor of Jaiteh’s Fishing has conceived the business idea during school days and joined fishermen to go the sea for fishing to earn a livelyhood..

Mission statement
Jaiteh’s fishing aims to distribute fresh fish products on large scale making.

Vision Statement
Jaiteh’s fishing is committed to a conscious marketing strategies and fishing methods to ensure quality products in order to achieve its goal of producing large scale fishing for the greater good of the community.

To increase fish production and marketing within Farafenni and beyond and boost nutrition and food security.

Specific objective
To provide employment opportunity to 10 youths and women in distribution and selling of fish on daily basis.

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Date of Establishment: 14.06.2017

Physical Address: Farafenni

Facebook Page: @jaitehsfishing

Twitter: @mjaiteh1993

Website Address: