Kerewan Kambi Jassi Kolong Kafoo

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“Kerewan kambi jassi kolong kafoo ist an association that is very much Cognizant of the importance of building strengthen and maintaining our core values as a association . We to foster unity and love regardless of age and sex in all affairs of this association . The constitution shall be our legal document and it shall provide us with the rules and regulation and code of conduct of any executive members of this association
The association is established for charitable and voluntary purposes only
Objectives , in furtherance of the purposes hereinbefore defined the objectives of the charity are as follows
1 to foster peace and love among the people in and out of the country
2. To mobilize the resources in all ways in order to contribute to all social and economic ventures that will be beneficial the country
3 to contribute meaningfully to any development venture our members are involved in
5 to embark on projects that can empower our communities economically , educationally

Date of Establishment: 22.02.2018

Physical Address: Kerewan

Facebook Page: Kerewan kambi jassi konlong


Website Address: