The Youth Advocacy Program

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Our motive is to inspiring other youths in society to having understanding that laziness nor hoping on someone is a solution to making it up in life,take risk of doing business is as of far better than taking risk of traveling to Mediterranean sea.Moreover we do act movies/drama as of not only by talking putting it out as well on scripts display screen will help give clear understanding even to the uneducated person.We’re none political group nor in support of any politicians or political parties.Mission is to making sure we create impact in others live for good.Currently we have done a movie titile The Risk Behind the Mediterranean sea which shows more on what’s happening that is hidden,we believe lot of young people can be inspired through this movie currently is on hold due to this world pandemic as well we lack much support.Nevertheless we looking forward to be part of National YOUTH council as we believe they are the father of youths and we believe together as one.

Date of Establishment: 8.03.2019

Physical Address: Coastal Road,Old Yumdum

Facebook Page: The Youth Advocacy Program


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