West African Birds Study Association(WABSA)

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“Background Statement:
West African Bird Study Association (WABSA) was formed in April 1994, by indigenous Gambian youths, who are concerned citizens to preserve the country’s flora and fauna. WABSAs main objective is to support governmental and non-governmental agencies to formulate policies that will effectively and practically mainstream bird study and environmental protection, which play a vital role in sustainable development of the country. The association is registered as charitable and non-profit making conservation non Government Organization (NGO Reg NËš 77). Its program of activities are based on objectivity and reflect on the current situation regarding birds and their habitats in West Africa. The programmes are directed by the Board of Directors and national members are key in decision making process.WABSA is currently engaged in research work on local names of birds, establishing bird study clubs in schools and sanctuaries, awareness creation on environment.

Date of Establishment: 24.04.1994

Physical Address: Abuko Nature Reserve,

Facebook Page: birdringingthe gambia


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