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Activista The Gambia is a global youth network under the ActionAid International and an affiliate of Activista International operating in 30 countries. Activista The Gambia is part of ActionAid’s The Gambia country program, as well as an independent umbrella of local and national youth organizations, movements and ActionAid partners. Activista focuses on youth campaigning through mobilization and engagement of youth on local, national and international levels.
Activista provides unique opportunities for youth to engage in meaningful activities supporting their empowerment and development. Young people often have specific challenges, but they also have many shared experiences. Besides being young, Activistas are also women seeking equality with men and people demanding democratic influence. Activista is not about generational conflict but works with partners towards a fundamental shift in power balances based on class, gender, ethnicity and age.

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Date of Establishment: 1.04.2020

Physical Address: Basse Youth Center

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