Bakary Sambou-ya Village Youth Development Committee (BSVYDC)

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We are an organisation conscious of the fact that our strength and power lies in our unity as a people working and contributing together to tackle our collective development agenda
aimed at improving the living condition of people, guided by the principle of democracy and participatory development, aware that sustainable development only comes through genuine participation of young people.
.MISSION:To promote positive cultural practice and behavioral change through advocacy and community sensitization, and to develop the creative and leadership potentials of the youth, children and girls in order for them to take charge of their destiny by making informed decisions.
VISION: We envisage a community where a united, well informed and educated young
people coexist in harmony with nature
AIMS AND OBJECTIVE: promoting, peace, co-operation and understanding within and young people and to support sustainable development initiatives in the interest of the young people of the village.

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Date of Establishment: 25.04.2017

Physical Address: C/o Bakary Sambou-ya Lower Basic School, Bakary Sambou-ya Village, Kombo Central, West Coast Region, the Gambia.

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