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Beakanyang is a registered not-for-profit, independent human rights, environment and development organization in The Gambia, West Africa.
Beakanyang aims to enhance and promote the participation of disadvantage people in issues relating to good governance and human rights and environmental sustainability, as well as women and youth development in The Gambia.
Its objectives are to mobilize youth and women across the country at the local and national levels to participate in all spheres of national development.
It also aim to strengthen the capacities of young people and Women and to advocate and lobby to influence policies promoting and mainstreaming children, youth and women participation in local and national processes.

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Date of Establishment: 2.11.2004

Physical Address: Head Office : 60 Sayeer Jobe Avenue, Serrekunda Field Office: C/o Health Post, Barrow Kunda, Wuli West, URR

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Twitter: @beakanyang

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