Development Oriented Citizens of Banjul (DOC-BANJUL)

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“D.O.C, a leading civil society in Banjul, a non political, non profit,pressure group, formed to bring the entire citizendry and inhabitants of Banjul together in a peaceful coexistence, so that issues that effect the lives, livelihood and development prospects can be dilated on without interference.
MISSION :To advance through education, the skills and knowledge of the inhabitants. To facilitate the greater involvement of the marginalized sections of the wider community, all genders, age groups, the physically challenged and ethnic minorities in the life of the community and promote awareness of the history, folklore and cultural heritage of Banjul.
VISION: provide or secure the provision of social services, educational and recreational facilities and practical assistance for citizens and inhabitants of Banjul.As well as foster Co operations in the achievement of the above visions and work with local authorities and other voluntary orgs engaged in the futherance of our objectives. “

Date of Establishment: 5.01.2013

Physical Address: 47 Allen Street, Banjul

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