Dorr Warr Association (DoWA)

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“The Association is a community based organization in Banjul establish officially in 2015 to support and to make an effective change in the lives of vulnerable especially the Youths, unemployed youths and with the skills without the market or working place. The body is a non-political and non- profit making and it’s a charitable organization. It is established to foster and enhance the welfare of its members into becoming productive citizens of the society at all times.
The association main objectives:
1. To contributes to empowerment of young people in Banjul
2. To promotes the bilateral relationship of the association and other sister youths associations/organizations
3. To gives its members a sense of direction and purpose to uplift their status through skills work and entrepreneurship training
4. To render services to the community and vulnerable
5. To maintains standard of disciplines among members at all times

Date of Establishment: 7.05.2015

Physical Address: macdonal street

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