Niani Seven Collaboration

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Niani seven collaboration is established in 2018 with a membership of seven from wassu and kuntaur, the group was form base on agriculture production, like rice cultivation during the process we we’re supported with farm imputs like power tillar, tressing machine, rice milling machine,coose milling machine,a reepar and a tapling from a project called FASDEP through NEDI in 2019, but the machine are being given to us as a grand we are to pay the 40% in 5years but the machines are not at good quality because Everytime we always maintenance, our objective is to grow our own rice fired and sell the rice to save the money an we are planning it this year, we will like to train more young people on machine operation in niani, also in the future we will like bay to bay a tractor of our own

Date of Establishment: 7.11.2018

Physical Address: Kuntaur CRR/North

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