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Home of Talent is a youth organization that is involved in producing and promoting talents of young people. We are involved in movie production,we produce singers,dancers,poets,comedians and actors. Since 2014-2016 we have organized series of interschool talent shows at different communities,on December 2nd 2017,we conducted a symposium at the Gambia college where eight schools in and around Brikama have participated,Theme:(the impact of tribalism in the education system). In 2019 we organized Gambia’s Got Talent competition in partnership with the National youth Council with the Audition on 16 March 2019and the final on November 9 2019. Our MISSION: To produce and promote talents of young people. VISION: to produce our artists and expand the Gambia’s movie industry in order to minimize the importation of foreign production.

Date of Establishment: 20.01.2014

Physical Address: Bijilo Kombo North

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