Janjanbureh Tour Guide Association

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“Janjanbureh tour guides is a group of young people with a vision to conserve,protect and promote sustainable, inclusive and community based tourism principles that work to ensure that sustainable development goal 1,5,8,11,13, are achieved through empowerment, shared Learning whilst creating an environment of justice and inclusion of young people.

Janjanbureh tour guides work with youth, women and communities in achieving the said goals under a mandate of youth leadership.we affiliate with other youth groups, national tour guides, ground tour operators and stakeholders in all the regions to initiate projects and programs to positively look at the plight of out tourism industry taking references from the youth Agro-tourism roadmap. “

Date of Establishment: 13.06.2019

Physical Address: Janjanbureh CRR youth center

Facebook Page: Destination janjanbureh


Website Address: