Kaba Kama Youth Development Kafo

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Background: “The above named youth kafo s form as to come together in order to solidify our relationship, promote unity and understanding among members and also to engage in vibrant economic activities involving all stakeholders.
1.To foster mutual understanding and cooperation among members
2.To promote and encourage youth to embark on skills development and business entrepreneurship
3.To raise the quality of club members in the area of village development such as renovation of public properties and road maintenance
4.To help ppl who r affected with natural disaster,such as flood,fire outbreak,etc.
5.To support club members in terms of social activities,such as christening n marriage ceremonies.
6.To embark on sensitization such as disease outbreak n issues affecting young ppl.
7.To mentain peace and stability among and within the youths.
8.The need to embark on economic activities aimed to develop our community.
Just to name few”

Date of Establishment: 1.04.2014

Physical Address: Kaba kama

Facebook Page: Kaba kama youth development kafo


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