National Federation of the Gambia UNESCO Clubs and Centers

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The UNESCO Clubs and Centers in The Gambia are formed to conceive the ideals of UNESCO in an atmosphere of peace and tolerance, teach UNESCO ideals at grassroots level, acquire a taste for initiative and a sense of responsibility for the propagation of peace.

To promote a peaceful society based on the principle of tolerance and solidarity through education, science and culture.
The Federation commits itself to the peaceful co-existence of the people of the Gambia through:
1. Training, dissemination of information,
2. Promoting mass information, culture of peace, education and communication, protection of the human rights, particularly the rights of children.
3. Integrating a gender perspective and empowering women and girls to be integrated as part of the development process.

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Date of Establishment: 15.12.2003

Physical Address: House at National Commission for UNESCO Office 14/15 Marena Parade Street Banjul

Facebook Page: National federation of the Gambia UNESCO Clubs and Centers

Twitter: UNESCOClubsGam

Website Address: