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New future Foundation is a non-profit and Charitable organizations dedicated to bringing children world-wide six to thirty years old from all ethnic and racial backgrounds into a recreational, cultural, and educational settings designed to create a positive, constructive and creative and foundation, and to enhance the children’s experience in order that they may assume a useful and productive role in their communities. and to do the same for adults thirty years and older qualifying and needing the same as herin and above stated.
To safeguard the cultural, social growth and benefit for humanity and to promote manufacturing, Agricultural, packaging, export, not limited to, between The Gambia, Africa, Northern and South America with people(s), organization(s) and business with similar objective(s) and social, cultural facilities, and business opportunity(ies) world-wide.
To provide, Educational and Learning Opportunities, and Reciprocal Student exchange and visitors programs.

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Date of Establishment: 4.09.2019

Physical Address: Wulinkamba

Facebook Page: New Future Foundation inc


Website Address: