Supportive Activists Foundation

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SAF has been incorporated under the company act 2013.
Company number (2016/ C3018).
Memorandum of understanding between ministry of health and supportive activist’s foundation (SAF) and it other organisational partners
SAF was formed after a details survey on mental disable issues and the needy in our society, We Think that the society is failing to give care to the mental disable individuals, loitering everywhere in the streets looking so hopeless without proper clothing’s, and nutrition
The Republic of The Gambia has a population of approximately 1,8 million inhabitants (Census 2013). Studies in the Gambia suggest that the prevalence of mental health related diagnosis, issues and problems is significant. The Draft Gambia Mental Health policy 2007 reports that:
Severe mental or substance misuse disorder account for approximately 27,000 people in the Gambia
A mild disorder of poor mental health exists in approximately 91,000 Gambians.

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Date of Establishment: 12.04.2016

Physical Address: Brusubi Phase 1, Blue house plot number 1099

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