The Girls’ Agenda

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The Girls’ Agenda is a youth non-profit and survivor-led organization. It is founded and led by young women who champion women’s empowerment and gender equality. Since its inception in 2011 and registered in 2014, The Girls’ Agenda has worked with several individuals, groups and organizations, including the government and non-government organizations to improve programs, policies and laws to improve the lives and livelihoods of women and girls, especially through improved health and educational outcomes, protection from violence through enhanced law enforcement, improved access to justice and services and change of traditional norms, attitudes and behaviors.

Mission: To enthusiastically advocate for the respect of the human rights of girls and women to enable them live in freedom and dignity.

Vision: A world where the rights of girls and women are respected to enable them reach their full potentials without existing sociocultural, political and economic barriers.

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Date of Establishment: 5.11.2014

Physical Address: Jaliba Junction, Suso Kunda Residence, Brikama Nyambai, West Coast Region

Facebook Page: The Girls' Agenda

Twitter: Allgirlsagenda

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