Young Politcians and Leaders Network, The Gambia

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Young Politcians and Leaders Network, The Gambia connecting and shaping minds Global policies. We seek to be world’s leading Network that trains, mentor and prepares young leaders for Politices, diplomacy and entrepreneurship. As one major is unemployment in Africa and tge Network believes that in helping solve this huge challenge, inculcating the culture of entrepreneurship, providing the needed support, training, mentorship and facilitation will greatly help in solving unemployment rate in Africa.
Main objectives :
To participate in Decision making in National and International level
To render service to the community and vulnerable.
To part take in Politics and leadership training .
And promote the bilateral realationship of the Association and other sister youth associations/ organization.

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Date of Establishment: 22.11.2019

Physical Address: Not yet But soon to be made.

Facebook Page: Young Africa Leaders Summit.


Website Address: