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Association For Youth`s Partnership (A.F.Y.P) comprise of youths within Sanyang village in Kombo South District West Coast Region of the Gambia. Its members form a united front to embark and contribute in development activities within the community and beyond.
The aims and objectives shall be.
1. To complement the effort of The Gambia government in the development of health, education, and environmental protection.
2. To improve the socio-economic status of Gambian youths through enterprise development.
3. To build the capacity of Gambian youths so as to become good and responsible citizens.
4. To innovate and enlighten the community on the significance of nation building through the spirit of volunteerism .
5. To nurture socio-cultural tolerance among youths and children within and out of The Gambia.

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Date of Establishment: 24.08.2004

Physical Address: Sanyang Village kombo south District

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