Proactive Youth for Socioeconomic and Health Rights

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mission statement
To contribute to the development of our nation in term of advocacy, capacity training and awareness raising in order to empower young people

vision statement
To see a nation with its young people well knowledgeable of their right and developed themselves through socio-economic goal.

aims and objectives
1.To create the room where young person will easy access to proper information about their sexual and reproductive right.
2.To advocate for young people to be engage in entrepreneurship in other to lower the rate of unemployment in our society.
3.To raise awareness the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, water bound diseases and other communicable diseases

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Date of Establishment: 15.07.2015

Physical Address: Tallinding

Facebook Page: Proactive youth for socioeconomic and health rights

Twitter: PysehrGambia (@GambiaPysehr)

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