Salimatou Foundation for Education

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Salimatou Foundation for Education (SaFE) is a right to education civil society organization.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

1. Advocate for accessibility, free, affordable, safe, and quality education.
2. Provide life skills and literacy skills to communities in The Gambia.
3. assist in improving pupils academic and vocational skills
4. Protect and promote human rights especially the rights of children and girls.
10. Collaborate with NGOs, CSOs and inter-governmental agencies having similar objectives.

To promote and advocate for the provision of free, affordable, safe, relevant and quality education for all people in order to enable beneficiaries to contribute to the development of their society. We seek the fulfillment of our objectives through mass awareness campaign, advocacy and policy engagement and partnerships with State and non-State actors including communities particularly children.

Free and Quality Education for all

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Date of Establishment: 11.11.2015

Physical Address: Bundungka Kunda, Serekunda.

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Twitter: @salimatoufound

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