Torrotayam Village Students’ Association (TOTAVISA)

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Torrotayam Village Students’ Association (TOTAVISA) was established with the composition of any sex, race, creed, religion background, or profession segment of the community. The concept ”students’ association” does not limit the membership to only active school going individuals, but all the youth in the village since everyone is a learner from cradle to grave. The association was formed to bring about unity, cooperation and peace among the youth for their development. The association has the mission of collaborating with development partners towards its vision of community led sustainable development with dignified standard of living for all. Objectives of the association included promoting quality education among the school going children especially the girls, promoting health through community cleansing exercise and sensitisations, building solidarity among youth through sports and promoting environmental management and protection through sensitisation and tree planting exercise.

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Date of Establishment: 26.10.1996

Physical Address: Torrotayam Village, Lower Badibu District, North Bank Region, The Gambia

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